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Occasional musings on language and life

Eight steps to a powerful global tone of voice

If your business operates in more than one country, you can either come up with separate principles for how you sound in each target market — or you can save cost and improve consistency with a global tone of voice. Enough Said associate Sabine Harnau explains how to...

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Two fatal myths about tone of voice

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked to rescue tone of voice projects that have misfired, or simply fizzled out, due to fundamental misunderstandings about tone of voice (or brand voice, voice and tone, whatever you happen to call it). And then,...

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Why Enough Said?

‘Why the name Enough Said?’ someone asked me the the other day. My slightly garbled explanation seemed to satisfy her at the time, but it left me wanting to explain it again, and better. So here goes. We help organisations say less, and say it better. These days...

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Tone of voice and trust

It’s one of the most common let-downs of the modern world. You buy into a company because they make something look easy, only to find that once you’re a customer the ‘brand experience’ goes out the window. Take insurance, for example – ‘simples!’. The other week I...

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