About us

There’s more than enough talk and empty promises in our world. So we bring the power of language to people who are doing something real to make things better.

Why we’re here

We’re here for the people working to improve lives – right here, right now.  Who are building net-positive businesses. Who are finding ways to change the course of climate change and biodiversity loss for a brighter future for us all.

Organisations like these are full of people with bold visions, deep knowledge and precise skills. Big brains with big ideas. But what they don’t always have is the ability to put these ideas into simple, powerful words. Words that connect with people who don’t share their depth of knowledge. Words that get under the skin of the abstract and the technical and bring visions to life. Words that make ground-breaking innovations understandable and exciting.

Being able to tell your story in a way that resonates with the people who really matter is not just a nice-to-have. It’s the difference between an organisation that has real impact and one that flares briefly in a little corner of the world and quietly fades away. It can be what turns an idea into a successful business, and even a movement.

Who we are

I’m Heather Atchison, and I head up Enough Said. I’ve spent 20 years helping organisations create a stronger brand experience and reach more people by using words more wisely. I’ve worked with start-ups, charities and some of the most well-known brands in the world. Along the way, I’ve developed and delivered brand messaging and tone of voice, designed content and user journeys, run huge training programmes, written everything from apps to annual reports.

What motivates me is the power of language to change hearts, minds, the world. The impact of simple words, well said. And increasingly, the absolute necessity of telling the kinds of stories that will help each one of us, in whatever way we can, find a better way of living on this planet.

Our team

Our secret to success is having exactly the right people working on each project – people who bring the right skills and experience to the table. So we have a network of trusted partners – strategists, designers, writers, trainers we know can lift any job from good to great. This means we’re not tied to the next body in the office with time on their hands, but can pull in the perfect professional wherever they are: whether that’s Atlanta, Auckland or Aberdeen.

Work with us if…

  • You have big ideas but are struggling to get people to understand them
  • You want to help people imagine what better looks like, and how your organisation can move the world towards this
  • You need to make something complex, technical, or simply new, accessible and appealing to more people
  • You’d like to explore your values, personality or positioning and talk about this in a way that people both inside and out of your organisation will love
  • There’s no consistent voice or personality that comes through when your organisation communicates
  • You need help pinpointing who your most strategically important audiences are, and how to get through to them
  • You’d like a practical, useful way to bring your brand to life around your organisation – through the way people write every day