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Project story

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For two Atlanta-based sister companies, we:

  • Reviewed company-wide communications

  • Created a comprehensive tone of voice and style guide

  • Ran tailored tone of voice workshops

  • Delivered a post-training review and coaching  |

The challenge

These two companies are all about helping people – through the dining, environmental and other support services they bring to health centers and retirement communities all over the US.

But they were trapped in a culture of complicated communications. Messages weren’t getting through to the people who needed them. And the way that people were used to writing was hiding the energy and humanity at the heart of both organisations.

They asked us to give their people the skills, tools and confidence to change to a more personal, directive style of communication.

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Tone of voice workshop

The work

This fell into three stages:

1. Developing a tone of voice and training based on their brand personality and the needs we’d identified through a communications review

2. Creating comprehensive tone of voice and style guidelines to complement their visual brand guidance

3. Delivering two-day workshops to 20 key  communicators in the business, followed by 1-1 reviews and coaching

The outcome

Communications such as newsletters, emails and reports started connecting more with their audiences – and writers began to think more about those people from the start. The new tone of voice was increasingly noticed around the business, and people from C-suite level to external partner organisations said positive things about it. It helped them cut their sales proposals from 200 pages to 56 and, in doing so, to land one of their biggest contracts ever.

And perhaps most importantly, the change in tone helped amplify the values and reinforce the culture the businesses had been striving for all along.


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I love every bit of your process, your support, your expertise. You didn’t just change our tone of voice; you amplified our culture through language and gave us some of the most pivotal training I’ve ever done.

Jerilyn Jones

Senior vice president

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