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What we do

We help close the gap between how organisations want to come across and how people actually see them. We do this through helping them communicate better – so that their tone of voice brings their brand to life. So that what they say doesn’t just add to the noise, but has real meaning to the people who matter.

In other words, we use language to change the way customers and employees think about and relate to a business.

We do this through…


Tone of voice

We like to start by understanding – and often helping our clients understand – what’s true and good at the heart of their business. Their character and personality when they’re at their best. From here we create a simple yet robust tone of voice that amplifies this and helps bring it to life across the organisation.

We create tone of voice guidelines – full of useful examples and practical techniques for applying the tone to all kinds of communications. But we don’t stop there. Because a tone of voice isn’t a set of guidelines – it’s something people do. And if people aren’t using your tone of voice, you haven’t really got one.


We help companies write. And in doing this, we help them think. Because to write clearly, you have to think clearly.

We apply tone of voice to everything from marketing emails to product brochures to customer emails to terms & conditions. It’s by reflecting your brand across the board – especially where people least expect it – that you’ll stand out. And it’s in these little points of truth that your brand lives or dies. We help it live, through good words.


It can be hard for people to change how they write. Four things tend to stand in the way of people using a new tone of voice: awareness, permission, skills and confidence. Inspiring training gives them all of these, and more.

We don’t do off-the-shelf training. Because we think that to be useful and convincing, good training has to be relevant. And enjoyable, too – you’ll have more fun in our writing workshops than you ever expected.

Content strategy

Communicating well isn’t about quantity – it’s about quality.

We work with teams to plan and create purposeful communications – both for the business and the audience. A big part of this is, of course, understanding who your audience is and what they need in the first place. It’s also assessing the content you already have and identifying what you need. And then making sure you have an effective way of producing and managing that content.

We can help you do all of this.