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Heather Atchison

Heather Atchison

Heather sits at the helm of Enough Said.

Over the last 15 years, she’s worked with some of the most high profile brands in the UK. She’s designed products and services to develop and deliver tone of voice – and created training programmes, guidelines, customer journey mapping and internal and external research programmes. She’s worked on global brand tone and digital communications projects. And with all sorts of teams – board members, brand and marketing, HR, customer service, compliance, legal and more.

She’s on a mission to help people in business use words well to bring their brand to life. To free folks from the tyranny of corporate language. And to help us all be more ourselves at work.

Our wider team

We partner with some of the most talented communications consultants, writers, trainers and designers there are. To make sure you get results that make a difference, we bring the best people together for each project.