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‘Why the name Enough Said?’ someone asked me the the other day. My slightly garbled explanation seemed to satisfy her at the time, but it left me wanting to explain it again, and better. So here goes.

We help organisations say less, and say it better. These days everyone’s always on. Time pressed. Swamped in information. So the way to get people’s attention, and keep it, is to make sure messages are spot on.

We help our clients create useful communications that make a difference to the people they want to reach. That cut through the noise. That get their brand noticed – for the right reasons.

Some of the things we believe in


  • In a world full of noise (and bullshit) the way to get noticed is to say something useful to the people who matter.
  • People trust people who help them. Every single thing you say should be useful to the person at the other end in some way.
  • A consistently good tone of voice reinforces a brand; an inconsistent one breaks it.
  • Taking the time to make things easy for others is a gift – whether it’s your colleagues or customers.
  • Sounding human and natural helps people relate to businesses, and the people in them.
  • The cliché is true: less is so often more.